Only Few Activities Late Year These Days

Today is the last day of year 2008. Here I’d like to bring my honest wishes to all of you, my best friends, a happy day, a good start of the coming New Year 2009 and a lucky future along your whole life. Your sincere friend summersnow. Now I’ll say something about only few activities I took part in late year these days. I emphasize on “only few” which presents that I have joined few activities like these till here from last year. Because it will be in late year and the New Year is coming soon, some activities are organized celebrating to welcome the New Year and leading to the deep relationship between the people joined in from two parts of different departments.

This is the first one I will say something about, among the process of my encounters during the celebrating party. This party celebrated on 28th Sunday evening in this campus. This notice had been declared for several weeks before and of course recruited the programs in advance. When I got there 30 minutes earlier, I just met one person from another campus who was not familiar to this campus, asking me where the place was. Actually we had got there near to the gate of the entrance.

Each one who came into the hall got a piece of poker with the table number on it and a piece of program list. I got plum 2 and table 12 with that person I met outside, totally with 5 people sitting around. Seeing the program list I felt the number of the programs was somehow not enough, while the quality of them might be fine. I recorded the whole process of the party, for I seated very near to the speaker with a loud voice. The whole process continued to be about 2 hours. Most of the programs were excellent especially several non-singing ones, like group dancing, drumbeat and drama singing. Next I will say two things happened to me just as titbits.

I with other 4 of us, sitting with the same table around, made a poor show on the stage. Several interactive games were inserted among the process. I was pulled in one of them. Several groups of 5 people each came to the center of the stage and played a game named “to knot” and “to unhitch”. The last group who fulfilled the task slowest should be left and made a program “revolved performance” about a couple of lovers meeting 3 robbers. We played it badly and made a poor show to the people.

And for the second one, when the party finished, one of us 5 said to me that he might have seen me somewhere before. When hearing this, I smiled and said I was in a different class from him. I was so proud of it after he said I was like some star! At the end of the party, I with the staff took some photos happily and now I wonder how I can get these photos then.

On late afternoon Monday, I went back to the lab working place after having supper. Seeing 3 persons sitting there, I went nearly and found that two South Koreans were talking in Chinese with their friend, one person working in our lab. I joined in them and talked with them happily. They went to China several months before to study Chinese. Before going here, they had learned Chinese for less or more than several years. But of course they were both not familiar with it. So when we said something especially some phrases that they could not understand, they called for help on their e-dictionary, one palm computer. They were very kind and easy to be dealt with. During the process of our talking, the atmosphere was nice and we us all felt glad and laughters were made out from time to time. One of them sang the famous song “three bears” in Korean which is the funny song in the famous film “Full House”. For I would like to see some and even a few more Korean and Japanese films or TV series, when I really saw them (actually this was not the first time seeing them but the first time to talk with them for a period of time face to face) and felt excited then.

It was only few activities then and you might laugh to me only little things which might let me worth exciting for that and writing so long an entry to record. That is only me with a poor and simple life then. Haha! Above all, at last, I still like to bring my best wishes to all of you with a happy new year. See you next year!!


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