Welcome New Year 2009 & Happy New Year!

According to the routine, on the last day of each year there might be a giant evening party on each campus. It of course is not out of this custom. On the noon that day when I went to the canteen to have lunch, I encountered the sending out of the propaganda list of the evening party to celebrate the coming New Year 2009. I received one list with the programs written on it. From this list, I saw many programs arranged from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM which were not restricted in few types of performing. Including singing, dancing, WuShu, magic, traditional opera and folk music, I thought it might be an excellent evening party just like its propaganda that it might be a crazy, a giant, a fascinating and a happy evening with all of us enjoyed “Over the Rainbow” leading to nice and mystery year 2009.

I of course went to the place same with the party of our department held 3 days before. When I went near on 6:50, I found the decoration outside was nicer and more beautiful which might attract more people. When going to the hall, each one should write down the name, Student No. and other personal items on the purpose of lottery draw during the process of the party. And each one got one fluorescent bar and a small piece of hangs as a present. I went into the hall finding that not too many people sitting there with many empty chairs of several rows on the back. I chose one on the last row.

According to the list, the whole party was divided into 3 chapters. At the beginning 5 minutes, we saw a clip of video with many students and teachers visited before saying the speech of best wishes to us all. When time was up, two hosts retrospected the flying year 2008, an extraordinary year with many great events and tests to China and all the Chinese people. While after about 10 minutes, I began to record. So the start 10 minutes was omitted. When the party was going on, I found it more vivid and several excellent and magnificent programs which attracted people on the back standing up to expand their eyes view of the front stage. But the frequency on the coming and going around me was so high that I got to the front row two times with one and two rows of chairs empty. And the noise around me was also aloud, screaming out from a group of people on the back and one couple of lovers on the left. So the recording result is not good as well.

Some programs written on the list were at last neglected and it finished half an hour in advance. I thought it contained various programs and even some were perfect but the atmosphere was bad. I could not find anything related to the highlight of a crazy evening.

Today is the second day of the New Year holiday. I sent many e-cards to my friends. Here are the happy wishes I sent with a flash on QQ e-card station. Best wishes to all my dear friends!!










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