This World Is Too Crazy!!

I am so sorry that it has been so long a time that I have not written entries till last entry on January 2nd this year. I might be a little busy now and almost ignored this space to record something I should remember. Yesterday my mother telephoned me and said something happened in my hometown just very near to my home! Hearing these things, I felt it a great shock to me and sighed that how crazy this world is! This society might be in a chaos and something important should be carried out immediately. They are just some stories about too many tricksters and traps.

For me there is nothing special but when I recall the event that happened to me last year which is what I called "soft MLM", I was too scared after this event. You can see this entry I wrote that time later: Encountering “Soft MLM”. But the boy might not be lucky like me who is so miserable and might be restricted from freedom or even might be abducted. I am very so scared after hearing this terrible story. And last night I also spoke about this topic on QQ with one friend. All who hear this story might be shocked and praise me for my undesired feeling and attitude. Haha! Of course I have more social experience than most youngsters after all. But many of them lack of such experience like how to judge what is right or wrong and how to distinguish which thing is worth believing. So I spell out this sighing with emotion: This world is too crazy!! Who will come to rescue these young people?


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