Buying A Set Of DVD-R/W From The Internet

I have never bought anything from the Internet before. But some time last month, one staff in our lab bought a book from an e-bookstore in the way of my account while the paying channel was from my Internet bank to create a new alipay account. From then on, I have just a new account so as to buy something from one famous Internet shop which supports the paying channel of alipay. Later in my account two or three times of shopping were finished and that was quite good for the goods and the attitude of the sellers.

So that followed the process for me to buy something, while it was not so successful. For a period of time I want a set of DVD-R/W to save some files on the discs because the capacity of the hard disk of my portable computer is not large enough and the drive of it is a COMBO that can only writes on a CD disc with not a large capacity for something I want to treasure especially for some large multimedia videos of my favorite Korean and Japanese TV-series.

A few days ago, I found on and chatted with the sellers online with Wangwang to ask some questions about the products they sell. I have not a high request only wanting a set that can be used. So I know one with outer set is more expensive than the one with inter set. If I want to a cheap set, I would choose one with outer set to change to outer set for my computer. That is to say, except for the machine itself, there must be some other devices to support it to work well such as outer electricity source and the USB to IDE cable.

I found one set just like the above I said with a proper price. Then I chatted with the seller and paid to alipay waiting for the seller to send my goods. One day later, I received the goods and tested it. Unfortunately, the electricity source was even a source in danger for it sent a sound of "zizi" when the electricity connected to it. I felt horrible for it might explode. Then I chatted with the seller to say the question I encountered. At last I sent the whole goods to him and wanted to change a new one that can work well to send to me again. The attitude of the seller was not bad and two days later I received the new set. I tested it and found no questions. All the parts worked well. I was very glad and thought that the whole set might be changed for the main machine was fine as well.

I did not see the pattern of the main machine before I used it to write a DVD-R disc. From the writing tool of Nero, I can see that the type of it is PHILIPS 1640p and the USB to IDE cable is with the following features:

USB2.0 interface, 480Mbps high speed data transfer rate, 52x CD-ROM supported

Hard-disk, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, CD-RW, COMBO device, DVD-RW supported

Plus and Play

AC power can be used with input voltage AC 90v-264v

Support Windows 98SE, Windows 2000, Windows me, Windows XP, Mac OS

Under Windows 2000/XP, no driver needed


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