Another Consumption Action Yesterday

The weekend has just passed by and I have got to do some shopping recently. After getting a set of DVD R/W, I companied with one who are working in our lab to the digital shopping center to see the seller checking out the fan fault on Saturday. While anything fault should be checked by the maintaining station seated in the place. So we went there waiting in line for it was weekend and only one staff was in charge of this task. Then it was our turn and after the staff saw the situation of the computer, he said there was nothing serious problem and the running of the fan was just a common phenomenon. There might be the problem of the fan with too much dust on it. While this was not the fault of the computer itself, so it was not within the field of warrantee. We had to do nothing and went out. Another thing that I should mention here is that if you do not use the battery of the portable computer, you’d better dismantle it. Otherwise it is charged and discharged again and again to decrease its use of life.

Another thing we wanted to deal with the computer was that we would add a memory to it to fasten the running speed. I know that late this two or three years you buy a portable computer, it is always with the memory of the second generation. Generally there are two slots of memory on the main board and that is with the memory capacity of 1GB, so it can be expanded to 2GB with another slot the same as the other. We went back to the seller and added one with the brand of Kinston.

My computer was bought 4 years ago with the memory of the first generation. The second is much cheaper while the first is so expensive for many memory manufacturing companies have stopped to produce the first generation and the amount of it is small with a higher price. But if you do not add one now there might be more expensive later. I know the memory capacity of mine is only 512MB and I still wanted to add another one for it only supports 1GB with the largest capacity. So yesterday I went to the computer center to deal with this consumption action. The unexpected thing showed there that both of the two slots were occupied when the lid of the bottom was open. The two are both with 256MB then! Since I went there with the heavy computer on my hand, I did not want to go back with nothing changed. So I still changed one with 512MB and dismantled the one with 256MB. At last I only added 256MB with the price of 512MB! The price of the first is much expensive and I could not dicker any more. I will put up with the computer just like this later for several more years.


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