Rival Between Microsoft And Apple (2)

Now let’s see another ad. to view the competition between them. Laptop Hunters第四部广告: Sheila

The main role is our friend Imran Hussain who has spotted the latest Laptop Hunter ad, this time featuring Sheila the videographer:



Sheila ends up with an HP HDX 16t, after passing on a $2000 Mac with a classic shrug. Her reason is that the capacity of inside memory is only 2GB to the Macbook Pro with the highest configuration priced $2000 lower. While the final choice HP HDX 16t is much better than that Macbook Pro in screen, inside memory and graphic card and even more cheaper.

Of course, different people have their different choices by means of their different purposes. Mac OS X is not "better" than Vista, it has its uses. OS X is worthless as a CAD system, developer system, and server, though it is spectacular as a graphics system. To each their own, a Mac is marketed as a premium system, hence why they charge more.


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