Say Something About The OSTs Of “Boys Over Flowers”

I have made great concern about the series of the Korean drama “Boys Over Flowers” from the past several entries. In the entry The First Part of “Boys Over Flowers” Ended I mentioned that all of the OSTs of this play sound well and I like them very much. Now I will say something about these songs.

In the first part of the total 25 series there were many singing episodes many of which are good. We call all of the songs appeared in the series and published for the first time OSTs. The number of the OSTs of this play is 30 with the BT downloading seeds of 3 series: 13 each for the first two and 4 for the last of F4 Special Edition. Here are the complete content of the total 30 songs.

OST1 (Published on 8th, January)

01.《天堂(乐园)/파라다이스(꽃보다 남자OST 메인 테마) – 티맥스 (T-Max)(片头曲)

02.《因为我太傻/ 머리가 나빠서– SS 501组合(더블에스 501)(片尾曲)

03.《你知道/알고있나요– Someday组合

04.Stand By Me샤이니 (SHINee)组合

05.Lucky– Ashily (曾演唱魔女游戏主题曲)



08.One More Time木单车/나무자전거

09.I Know (Saxophone Instrument)李正直/이정식

10.Dance With Me

11.Blue Flower (Inst.)

12.So Sad (Inst.)

13.Opening Title(파라다이스 intro) – 티맥스 (T-Max)(片头主旋律)

OST2 (Published on 6th, March)

01.Say Yes티맥스 (T-Max )

02.Wish Ur My Love (With J)티맥스 (T-Max + J)

03.아쉬운 마음인걸 (难舍之情)에이스타일 (A’st1)

04.《创造爱人/애인 만들기– SS501

05.어떡하죠》– Jisun

06.Love Is Fire카라 (kara)

07.Love U하울 (Howl)

08.사랑같은 거》브랜 데이 (Brand New Day)

09.눈물이 난다》이상곤 (Lee sang kon)

10.Cellogic (연주곡)김영민

11.다가가다 (연주곡)동요

12.낯선 (연주곡)박혜리

13.사랑을 위하여 (연주곡)박혜리

OST3 (F4 Special Edition, Published on 16th, March)


02.《出故障的心脏/가슴이 어떻게 됐나봐》에이앤티 (A&.T)

03.《让人想犯罪(歌曲版本)/나쁜 마음을 먹게해 (Ballad Ver.)티맥스 (T-Max)

04.《让人想犯罪(舞曲版本)/나쁜 마음을 먹게해 (Dance Ver.)티맥스 (T-Max)

There are so many songs while what first appears preoccupies my mind and expression. So the songs in OST1 made me a deeper expression and I am more familiar with those songs especially some I heard too many times. What hampers me most is language. I do not know Korean any more which increases the difficulty for me to sing them. If they were sung in Chinese or English, I had learnt them well much earlier with no difficulty. I was playing so poor a show that I am a little familiar with only two songs after hearing them for many times. They are Lucky’ and ‘因为我太傻/ 머리가 나빠서’.

For us Non-Koreans, lyrics written in the spelling characters are so important. When we are learning to sing, we can see the lyrics with the same spelling in Rome Characters. We can spell them easily. But unfortunately, I can’t find out such lyrics to these songs. Till now I only find out one song ‘Lucky’ and it is the best for me to be sung. It is hard for me to find lyrics in Rome Characters to others. The following four files stored in my SkyDrive space are the two songs with mp3 format and two lyrics files to the song ‘Lucky’, one in Korean and the other in Rome Characters.|5Korean|6.lrc#.html|5Rome|6.lrc#.html



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