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Today when I first logged onto 88 freecity BBS, I found a new section was added which was the familiar “88 Ten Big”. Those were the first ten hot posts that day. Today I found that a hot and very hot post was listed at the top with more than one thousand following posts. An alumnus was killed by a rush crash of a re-equipped Mitsubishi roadster on about 20:20 yesterday evening at the Wen’er West Road, Hangzhou, when he was on the way to the cinema to see the film “Nanjing! Nanjing!” At a sudden a vivid life was vanished! All of us mourn him deeply while we denounce the traffic troublemaker and the people with rush roadsters on the roads in the city. We are now really living in great danger! We are afraid of walking on the pavements and along the zebra stripes even if we obey the traffic rules. We are doing that in regulation while many others do not and they are the dangerous sources to our lives’ safety. So all the departments of the city should pay great attention to the event and strictly manage these people and their roadsters to avoid such things appear again!

While now one life went away from us but the lived should think it out carefully and strongly recommend the relative departments deal with this event fairly, impartially and make the dealing process known to the public. But from several channels till now I find that many people do not agree with the report of the Traffic Bureau. All the public think that that is unfair to the dead while the troublemaker might has a strong background at least his family is a wealthy one with a lot of money. So this event become complex and I will continue to see what will happen later.

 If you are now still concerning with this event, you can go to the following addresses to see the detailed information to it and then I will add something more published in our BBS in campus.  

About the news from sina.com: 年轻男子驾三菱跑车飙车撞死路人(组图)

About the news from 163.com: 富家子弟把城市道路当F1赛道终酿惨祸(图)

About the troublemaker with his xiaonei.com: 校内 – 胡斌(杭州师范)

About the troublemaker with his qq.com space: http://181199732.qzone.qq.com/ (Q: 我的车牌,A: 608Z0)

About a discussion on a famous local BBS 19 lou: 文二车祸 – 红色三菱斑马线撞死行人西路 (This site might be an exhibition of the people with disabled brain or mind!)

About one strong renrou search engine: 杭州一群富家子弟高峰时段飚车撞死路人,人肉……

About a Post on the famous BBS tianya.cn: 『娱乐八卦』 [道听途说]富家公子撞死人还不当回事,有当事人照片(转)

Now I will see something about the re-equipped roadster from the fact in some photos in comparison

The EVO IX before re-equipment from appearance and inter motor configuration:



The EVO IX with re-equipment by the troublemaker from appearance and inter motor configuration:



From a paper named “Throw Model of Pedestrian, Bicyclist and Bicycle in Traffic Accident”, we can see that several technologies are introduced and analyzed in accident reconstruction, including pedestrian, bicyclist and bicycle models. We can also see an experienced mathematical formula of vehicle/pedestrians was listed. From this formula we can estimate the crash speed of the roadster from the data reported in the news.

Here is the model of vehicle/pedestrians rear crash:


y means the crash speed, unit is km/h

x means the distance, unit is m

We know the distance of the person kicked off is about more than 20 meters. Then we suppose that is 25m and bring it to the formula and we can calculate that the crash speed might be 57.6km/h. According to the official report that the limited speed at that time on that way is lower than 50 and the troublemaker said his speed was about 70 which still might possible for in that paper crash speed about 45km/h might cause fracture and over 60km/h might cause skull broken.

If you now want to mourn the dead, you can go to the Internet mourning site to commemorate. 同怀纪念馆: “沉痛悼念谭卓同学”. 



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