Media Report Is Enough Today

We are very glad to see that the event has been widely reported by many mess media and it is enough today. People all over the country might know the event, the names of Tan Zhuo and Hu Bin. Even toady I saw a post on 88 that two names of Hu Bin and Lu Hongying has been added into the words library to Sougou Input Method, one wide used Chinese Character Input Method.

Now let us first see something about the repots of the mess media. Of course it begins from the reports of the local media. On Zhejiang Newspaper of Law, there have been a few reports in these two days. You can see the main two of them in the pages of the following two links.

城市飙车族当心踩到危害公共安全的“红线” 杭州“5·7”交通事故肇事司机已被刑拘

肇事三菱车曾在高速开到210码 非现场处罚暴露执法滞后性弊病

In the reports, we can know that they reported this event from the angle of law and explained it in detail. I think in personal that I am sure that the acts of Hu Bin and his partners have been built into the crime of endangering public safety by dangerous acts. But it depends on the process of appraisal and final judge. So what we can do is only to wait for the result and keep on the hot concern by mess media.

After that, in the light of the event keeping with great discussion on the Internet, some other media edited a special layout about the event. On Xinhua net, there is a special layout on the law channel about Tan Zhuo and a special news layout on

警思杭州飙车夺命案:不再出现下一个谭卓 (from Xinhua net)

富家子弟飙车撞死路人:杭城中上演生死时速 (from

From the above reports we saw the hope of the light to deal with the event equally and impartially. While even we can see a good final result, it might also a sad society we are now living in. What a difficulty we encounter with a powerful strength of the public! We do not want to see a new Internet word appearing again by means of this method like the popular words “a push-up”, “hiding maomao” and “qishima”. The last one word is the homonyms of “70ma” in Chinese from this event. It was created by the cyber people and written and edited on Hudong Wiki.


Here are the lyrics of a new song: qishima welcomes you! (From an entry on Hudong BBS:


















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