Continue To Take Care Of The Event Today

Something new about the information of the event has developed today. But we were not sure about the accuracy of the news. Then just now I saw the latest news about the identification report of the traffic troublemaking on 5th, May released. Let us see something about these developments in detail.

Last night one TV program played on CCTV2 hosted by Wang Xiaoya explained the process of the event in detail. Here is the video of this program on


In this program, the main development and opinions of the event were as the following three points. First, there must be the background to the co-rushers with Hu Bin. Second, 70ma meant that the traffic police did nothing with their job. Third, it might be suspected of collusion. And fourth, it mentioned penalty issues about traffic accident crime and public safety crime. Now the top leaders made public opinion and at last, it might be better that it does not be convicted with traffic accident crime. You can go to 又见监管迟到(2009.5.13) to see the more detailed information.

This morning we can see a piece of information about the identification of the speed. 杭州市政府回应网上关于“肇事者同伴身份”的传言——“是老板儿子,不是官员儿子”. In this report, it is said that Tan Zhuo’s father told the journalist that the identification of the event of the expert group came out and the speed was 80-100km/ h. But he did not sign a signature on the certificate of authenticity. And it might be prosecuted by traffic accident crime!

After we heard of this news, we were all angry with what the so-called experts said. We want to know the whole process of the identification not only the result of it. Of course we were not sure about the accuracy of the news. But only one hour ago we saw the latest news of the final report of the identification. 5·7交通肇事案鉴定报告出炉 车速84-101码.The final speed was identified to one area of 84.1-101.2kmh. How accurate did the numerical while with a wide range of 20! It really coincided with those reported this morning.

Let us see the later development of this event! We are so sad about the final result!

Today is the day after 7 days, 68 hours, 10080 minutes and 604800 seconds!!Only few short seconds, one life originally in full bloom of life was taken away. It came too suddenly and the only thing left was grief. We are continuing waiting, memorizing and comforting the sad parents who lost their son. What we can do? “Touqi” Tan Zhuo, we pray for you! Wish you walking along the way in the paradise like an angel!


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