Continue To Say Something About 70ma Event

You all know that this event has become a social event that spread all over the country and is mainly discussed on the Internet. Of course I have written down several entries about it mainly concerning with the outer reports and many stories about it.

The family did not temporarily request re-checkup of the speed and yesterday the local procuratorate prosecuted Hu Bin with traffic accident crime. Of course the family has commissioned a lawyer to deal with this lawsuit.

Seeing many posts on BBS or forums, I just felt that the thought is deeply in our mind not because of them and the event itself.

The first reaction for those so-called “the second generation of the wealthy” was to find their social relation to treat this accident fairly.

Are not we just like this?

When we do selling business, we always try to find relation, make friends and make the customers become our relation at last. When we have children at school, we find relation and give presents and money to the people who grasp the power in their hands so as to make our children in a better school.

This thought exists before, now and still later in the future in China. It was not expanded by the Internet while many things did not touch someone’s cream or touch the sensitive nerve of the public. But such things play on the stage every day in every field and every one of us might take part in it sparing no efforts.

Let me tell you a story now. In a country, every one drank the water in a well. One day, the water in the well became toxic and the people who drank it would be mad. Then the next day all the people in the country became mad except the king and the queen who did not drank the water. It was said that the public thought that their king and queen were mad and some people even said whether they would kill them and took the place of them. What was the final result then? The king and the queen also drank the water and became mad. All the people told one another about that their king and queen become normal finally. The whole country revived to be prosperous and harmonious again.

But if it were really like this, I do not know whether it is good or not. We only write something like this here and then continue to have to do the things we despise. That might be the sorrow in the society.

You can see the original Chinese post from 关于杭州的70码 and thanks to the author.



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