Alibaba Began To Release A B2B Foreign Trade Platform

Yesterday I went to the company our laboratory is now cooperating with to attend a scheme seminar with the tutor and some other classmates. We gathered at the lab in the early morning and got there by express public bus. Unfortunately, there was a deep density of the smell of petrol among the air in the compartment. I was always in the condition of motion sickness during the process when at first I sat on a front seat and then stood on the front. After we got out, we walked to the factory in about 40 minutes.

We got to the meeting room of the company and waited for the start of the seminar. This seminar mainly concerned with the introduction to the new brand and some difficult problems which had not been solved before and should be discussed at that time for our research team, the design company and the working people of Alibaba all gathered here. After a period of discussion about the logo to the brand, the faculty of Alibaba gave us a brief introduction of a new e-commerce platform which is called wholesale. It is called the foreign trade platform with the lowest cost.

In our country, B2B foreign trade with wholesale and retail online is rapidly growing into a vivid and expanded trade form. There is a great request on export trade and the increase of foreign trade online is too fast with a high profit. Wholesale platform is just the new blue sea of foreign trade with low cost and high profit which is just built in the great background of the global economic crises.

On the platform, there is a new foreign trade form different to the traditional. It decreases the main chains which occupy a great percentage of the profit and brings benefits to customers. Here is the process chain of the trade: manufactories → foreign trade companies → Wholesale platform → wholesalers and retailers → costumers.

According to the lecturer, the project was developed a few years ago but the conditions of bringing out were not enough. From last year the government began to support venture by oneself and the threshold of venture is lower now. To most people with not much capital the commercial platform of some B2B or B2C e-commerce might be the best choice., one trade platform belonged to Alibaba is a hot cyber place in China. The new wholesale platform aims to the global and it will be the milestone for the whole e-commerce markets. The main purposes now are how to ensure the safety of pay and how to ensure fast logistics which will lead to the international version of Alipay – ESCROW. The logistic methods include the cooperation with the main five international logistic companies: DHL, UPS, Fedex, TNT and EMS. Costumers can inquire the transportation of logistics online at real time. For companies, they can do the business of wholesale and retail foreign trade online and the platform dominates small quantities with a big market.

I search by the engine with no page of the platform today except for some related news. We only see the demonstration of the platform with a DEMO version. It will bring out quickly when you can see the news reported by Anhuinews Online: 安徽700家企业加入“wholesale”平台.


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