Seeking Job Or Venturing By Oneself?

With the further expanding economic crisis all over the world, many companies and enterprises collapse and bankrupt especially some who do foreign trade business or OEM. The mean income of these companies wholly depends on the orders from aboard and do not have their own products of brand. The typical example is the bankruptcy of a factory in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, who was ever the biggest toy company in Asia. Why do such things play again throughout the country especially in some developed areas?

One of the giant influences on the society is the great difficulties for one youth who have graduated last year or will graduate soon. Many companies try to lay off to cut down expenses to spend the hard period. In this poor economic background, seeking a job for one graduate, who is a new comer for the society, is even difficult. You just come out of school only with some theories of knowledge, while working experiences, the most important for those companies, are in great lack. Of course you know what leads to the contradictory and embarrassing condition. These several years, especially after the expansion of colleges in 1998, more and more graduates rush into the society to seek jobs, which bring about a great pressure to the country and to the government. Does the request for talents is in saturation? No. The answer is negative. What the students learn in school does not match for what society wants them to be. And the companies especially some small ones do not want to expand more money for them to train them before they take the position. People with experiences, just on the field of the special position for the best, are welcome and competitive in job markets. They can earn money quickly after they begin to work skillfully.

Faced with the critical reality, how to do to at least support oneself and survive for life? Many young people choose the way to venture by oneself. This is also the way for the government to recommend. The central government and many local governments all put out some policies to support the graduates to venture by oneself which include tax free for the first three years, interest free for small loans, zero first payment and so on. From these polices we can see that the government courage venture by oneself and the threshold is much lower now. In some industries registered capital is so less.

Yesterday I joined in one discussion on how to venture by oneself with some designers. They wanted to join into one workplace and later one small registered design company. What they talked about most was the preparations before running with the center in how to exert all the possibilities to find customers who will be interested in their products. Of course the choice of the products is with great importance which should be the new and useful for a specific group of people, the baby and the old for instance.

Seeking job or venturing by oneself? Everyone might have his or her choice. From the successful people we know that they all dare to do a business and take adventure. There is an adventure and there is profit to come. For the youth esp. some graduates who have the thought to venture by oneself should grasp the best choice to have a try to struggle for one time which might bring you a brilliant future throughout your whole life.


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