Do What You Want To Do And Believe Yourself!

Yesterday I saw a related blog on Sina space to the Air France accident on June 1st. I also saw some other entries on the blog and felt something the same with the author who is a Huawei staff. In one entry named “[原创] 我毕业后的日子”, I agree with what he said and wanted to say something here.

The author Jimmy was a civil service for only 3 months after he graduated in 2004. Why he resigned for such a stable work in so many people’ eyes? From the view of the author, he listed 3 reasons. Firstly, it was a boring working atmosphere and he might be absolutely obedient to the direct supervisor, which were not what he wanted to do about his own work. Secondly, he would be able to see what he would be five years later and of course, could buy a house with a very good price, but was the city the place he would live in for life? Thirdly, that city was a northern city far away from his hometown and it seemed that it would not be the place he would like to stay in for long time. But many families want their family members work in civil service system.

The author said something somewhat like what I encountered, especially one reason I resonate. Before I came here to continue to study, I also resigned from a relatively stable work as a university teacher. When I came there after I graduated, I had the same feeling with the author. I would be able to see what I would be five years later after I got to know the real situation there. I could not see the future and that condition was not what I wanted to be in. Was that state what represented my whole life state? No. I got in deep thought. I asked myself what would I want to do and like to do. I should face with what I really think and believe myself. So I made the final decision to realize the future what I dreamed of.

In the end the author expressed some common topics. I would like to write here to adhere to the points of view.


1. The choice of the work is your own affair and the work which others think well on the surface might not be suitable for you.


2. In China‘s current environment, you will never stop to fight, if you want a higher quality of life.


3. It is for oneself to make his choice once the decision is made. It is necessary to bear all the risks and it can not return after he chooses.


4. Developing opportunities should be paid more attention when selecting a job, not just more than a few hundred dollars than other companies.


5. A rational consumption and then proceed to appropriate investment within the risk tolerance.


6. In the first few years of the work, it is necessary to pay more attention to open source, not just cutting expense and for working people, they should strive to improve their income.


 (Some of my classmates who would like to be their own boss gave up a monthly salary of tens of thousands and ventured by themselves. It is a different matter.)

(Thanks to the author and I would like to be his friend and continue to concern with his blog: 多味年华的BLOG.)


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