Some Calculators for Health Assessment

University of Maryland Medicine offers a number of different calculators ranging from Body Mass Index, Depression, Fat intake, etc. Links to each specific calculator are listed below.

·   Asthma

·   Bladder Control

·   Body Mass Index

·   Carbohydrate

·   Caregiver Readiness

·   Cholesterol Reduction

·   Depression

·   Diabetes Type II Risk

·   Pregnancy Due Date

·   Exercise Risk

·   Fat Intake

·  Fiber

·   Calories Burned

·   Cost of Smoking

·   Heart Disease Risk

·   HIV Risk

·   Nicotine Dependency

·   Protein

·   Stress

·   Teen Marijuana Use

·   Teen Alcohol Use

·   Teen Sexual Behavior

·   Teen Suicide Risk

·   Waist-Hip Ratio

GFR Calculator for adults and children is maintained by the National Kidney Disease Education Program. They will help you determine your kidney function.


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