I Would Have Been More Active —— Too Long Not To Be Updated

Oh! Sorry dear everyone who is always concerning with my Live Spaces. It has not been updated for more than two months. It proceeds the summer holiday with more than two months too. You might think that it is so nice with such a long vacation. But unfortunately, I did not have shared the whole of it. Many people admire me for staying in campus and enjoying the beautiful time. I feel that it is not good but not bad. I seldom went out this summer holiday only went to three places with about one week. While the difference between this year and last year is that time is limited this year. Although the holiday began at July 1st and continued to be more than two months, I did not have such a long vocation.

During this holiday I went to Shanghai, Nanjing and Hefei for about one week and then went home for 10 days and at last went back school at the end of last month. Last year I went to Beijing staying there for about 10 days while the total of this year only one week! But there might be some differences. This year I went out with some purposes while last year none. I found someone to cooperate with me if I have the idea to create my venture when or later I graduate one and a half year or two years later and I need to find investors and cooperators.

What’s more, I accidentally find one message that one girl died of electromagnetic radiation when using the mobile to listen to mp3 while sending messages. This might be shocking news if it is true. Fortunately, it is only the rumor. Experts say that it does not make a human die when listening to mp3 while sending messages. But we still should pay much attention to use the mobile correctly. Something tips should be mentioned to care as follows:

1. The worse the signal is, the greater radiation is. At this time mobile phones should be reduced to use.

2. Do not put the mobile phone near the ear when the phone rings.

3. Cell phone should be away from the pillow when sleeping.

4. To exchange of listening to calls.


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