Something Happened Recently Which Should Be Recorded

Although I came back school in late October and stayed here for several days, actually I did not do anything well. I opened MSN or/and QQ these days when I started my laptop. On MSN, there are many people on it, many of whom I have never talked with. I made a further conversation with some of them, most of whom I had talked with before. Because I have some ideas with my future professional career or even the rest process of the life and always think about this problem recently. I should say something about my ideas to others to share with and hope they can give me any suggestions I might not consider with. Making a venture is a large and systematic project just like the process of managing the whole life of one person. Of course, I might not think of this now and seeking the future job for me is not a difficult task so as to think of it so early. But the key problems are, I think, how do you manage your life, what is your imagination of dream and the objectives you are now walking on this way.

Fortunately, most of the friends on my MSN and QQ and most of my classmates I still keep in contact all agree with my ideas or, I’d like to say, innovations. I am very glad to get such a reply which confirms my confidence and makes me see the bright future. While when really managing and going to this way, I clearly know there might be many difficulties and risks and you should spend much time and energy and even exhaust your thinking or mind. Few of my classmates walk on this way and they will still go further. Of course, I don’t want to do just as the same method they did, for there are many various methods and ways to succeed. What I want to say most is that one person should have an objective in his/her life. The objective is not always the same. It should vary with the different stages along one’s life.


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