I Always See A Few Strangers On The Way Campus

This is only a phenomenon that I feel strange and what I mean is that not everyone who also finds it out has the same feeling with me. The dormitory and the campus for us are not at the same place and I must walk across a street coming and back forward. When I walk on the pedestrian and the path for bicycle, I always find many electric motors rushing through without any desire to decrease the speed. I am always shocked about this and still worried about the safety of our lives even we are walking on the zebra strips or the pedestrians. And also I always find some others standing or loitering near the campus gate. Of course I even encountered some who might disturb you. All the people I mentioned above are ‘strangers’ I think. Now I will tell you some examples to explain my puzzles and demonstrate this phenomenon.

One day a few days ago when I went to the campus from the dormitory and went by cross the street on the path for bicycle with two women, suddenly one electric motor rushed near us and rushed away quickly after passing even so close to us and one woman suddenly screamed, ”Oh,  my god!” It was so dangerous that sooner or later sever accidents would happen. These drivers might not have thought about the safety of others or even themselves.

On another earlier day when I was walking on the pedestrian very near the gate with another staff working in our lab, a young person about 20 asked another one still walking on something I had not heard clear and that person walked away without saying anything. Then he turned around to me and might ask me the same question to give him only three yuan. He said he was so hungry and had no meal for one day with no money on him. I was then puzzled about what he asked and said only three yuan were not enough for him to solve any problems. He said he was not the person living here and only needed three yuan to phone to his family for help. The staff with me then said OK but we must went along with him to one newsstand waiting for him to phone and if that we of course paid for it. He seemed to agree and went to a newsstand nearby but still wanted us to buy a piece of bread for him. We looked through he was not happy and while we walked towards the newsstand, he suddenly turned around to the opposite direction and ran away with anger on his face. We then talked about this thing and I said I had encountered such the same as this before at the coach station and that person still wanted only three yuan, but I ignored him that time. But how can we identify who is really in need for help and who is the liar? Maybe what we did can give you an example and you should remember that you only give him what he needs and pay attention that do not only give him money!

Today I encountered one with another kind of person while I think many of others might not pay attention to. This morning when I came back from the campus and walked along the pedestrian near the gate, I found one beggar lying on the ground with a low groaning, one basin near him with several coins in it. Not far away from him on the same road, I saw another man still lying on the ground on one side of the body but with nothing near him. I thought I could not read who was or both were the real needing for help. I took in great thought again. The former in appearance might wish to get the sympathy from people while the later might not put down his face. But is it the truth as I think? Maybe or maybe not. Nowadays there are various kinds of people who have a high ability to makeup and act to pretend a poor person and many of the liars just utilize people’s sympathy to cheat. Thinking about this problem, when I went to the turning to wait for the green light to pass, I suddenly saw one person standing by the steel fence with one foot on sports shoe on it. Then I had a thorough look. It was a young and handsome guy with a black T-shirt and jeans in fashion looking at a book in his hands. I thought why he was there? He was waiting for some one or something happened? I suddenly had a divergent thinking that he might be another kind of liar in such a completely opposite way from the above two men. He might make a full use of his capital to trick. Being a handsome person, wearing updated and standing on that place with so many people passing by, his objective might be all too clear. If some one nosy came forward and said something to him, that one might bring fire to himself. I was worried about it really happened. So I looked for a while and then walked away. The important thing that I emphasize here is that all the time I encountered him and I was waiting for the green light he was always looking down his book without paying attention to others. Haha. These are only what I think without any basis. But I always think it reasonable and in nowadays complex society, we should have a more eye to view the outer world. That old saying is always correct, “To harm anyone should not be owned, and to defense anyone can not be without!”


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