One Campus Human With Nature Harmoniously

On October 8th, the last day of the National Day holiday, I went to the new campus of Industrial University to have a view. It was heard that the natural scenery there is quite good with a harmonious environment with human and nature. One working experienced before in our lab is studying there. When I went to the start stop to take on the bus there, I found there were so many people waiting on the platform. One bus was stopping there while it had been filled with so many people. I pushed through the crowd and got on standing in the cabbage. It was the only time that I took on the crowd bus till I was here two years ago in this city. Then I thought that I did not choose a proper day out. That was the last day of the holiday, so most of the students who went back home during this holiday went to college on the last day, even just on that afternoon.

I got off at the stop just near the gate of the campus. But I saw many went to the opposite after they got off. Later I knew that they all went to another college at the opposite side of the road. Most students in this college got off at the spot two stops earlier where the dormitory area locates. When I came into the gate, I saw beautiful scenery of a landscape coming into my eyes. The symbolic building is the library with a round top like the style of Taj Mahal, India. The whole architectural style is the European style. The gym is with two venues both round tops, big and small. It was heard that the headmaster of the college had studied in Europe for many years who like the European style most. I went to the planning exhibition to see the three-dimensional planning model of the whole campus.

What I should pay much attention is that there is a river around the campus. On the other side of the river, there is a continuous mountain. The water is so clear and the air is so fresh. I saw one or two egrets flying over the water and trees for several times. The ecological environment there is quite good and there is a pile of natural protection area nearly which is a treasure land in this city. Life should be maintained normally when human and the environment maintain to get a normal and dynamic balance. Only this can stimulate people’s wisdom and creativity, and then people engage in productive activities and the reproduction of human beings to maintain the development and propagation of human life. This is a harmonious balance between human and the natural environment that completes the human ecosystem.


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