The Human Brain Tricks Us Whenever It Can

If something‘s rotating – go home, you need a break!

Optical Illusions and Visual Phenomena Want to confuse your eyes and brain a bit? Yes? Then you might want to have a look at the following pictures.

It …

… doesn’t move!

… parallel or not?

Coil or circle?

Concentrate on the cross in the middle, after a while you will notice that this moving purple dot will turn green!

Look at the cross a bit longer and you‘ll notice that all dots except the green one will disappear.

Follow the instruction below.

1) Stare at the 4 little dots on the middle of the picture for 30 seconds

2) Then look at a wall near you

3) A bright spot will appear

4) Twinkle a few times and you’ll see a figure

5) What do you see? Or even WHO do you see?


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