Celebration Of The 100th Founding Anniversary Of CUMT Yesterday

According to the full arrangement of the college, it came the celebration of the 100th founding anniversary Of CUMT yesterday. President Hu Jintao congratulates in a letter, urging more talents in the country’s energy resource industries. Hu said in the letter that energy resources are the basis and guarantee of the country’s economic and social development. As a key base for the country’s education on the science and technology of energy resources, CUMT shoulders great responsibilities and has a bright future. Hu called upon CUMT to stick to the Scientific Outlook on Development and foster more talents to achieve more research fruits and contribute to the sound and fast development of the country. You can see the whole letter on http://100.cumt.edu.cn/huodong/detailnews.php?newsid=1230.

In his reply to a letter from the new graduates in CUMT who are working in the country’s western regions, Premier Wen Jiabao encouraged them to devote themselves to the development of the regions where they work. You can see the whole letter on http://news.cumt.edu.cn/ArticleRead.aspx?Id=16165.

State Councilor Liu Yandong attended the celebration that marked the founding anniversary. She noted that the scientific exploitation and clean use of energy resources is a major issue for countries across the world and is also a key factor that is restricting China‘s modernization. She called on teachers and students to attach individual values to the country’s construction and go to the places where they are most needed. You can see the whole content of her speech on http://100.cumt.edu.cn/huodong/detailnews.php?newsid=1225.

The whole process was on live broadcast on the public TV channel on Xuzhou TV Station, but I could not see because the network buffer was too frequent to see normally. I think that the whole video of it might be downloaded later like the video of the 60th founding anniversary of the People’s Republic of China. The celebration was the first news reported on yesterday’s CCTV News Broadcast. Here is the video news on the program: [视频]胡锦涛致贺信 温家宝作出批示 祝贺中国矿业大学建校100周年


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