The First Time I went To The Operation Room

Yesterday afternoon as the reservation before, I went to the hospital to receive the operation. There were three small operations like mine in the afternoon. I was the first one to be operated. Although this was only a small one, I was still asked into the formal operation room. After changed to wear another pair of shoes only used in the operation room, I went to a room with a operation bed in the middle. It was not necessary for me to lie on the bed and I was sitting on a chair with the head lying on the bed only. Of course I could not see the process of the operation for the operation part was on the backward of the head. After shaving the hair around the part, one piece of medical canvas was put on my head with only the operation part exposed and I felt the anaesthesia needle injecting with a little pain. I did not feel how to cut the bump only perceived the stitch at the end. The doctors’ urged that I would not wash the head during the following days with the swab on it and came there again the next day afternoon to change dressings. The whole process was only about 30 minutes and till now there is still a burst of pain.

Because of a swab on the head, I do not come out often to appear in the public. I wanted to decrease the times to go out. I did not go to the dining room to have the dinner yesterday staying in the dorm having the instant noodles which had been prepared before. But I do not always like this and the important thing is to supply nourishment. So I have to go to the dinning room and several times after that I feel it might be accustomed for me. It is still a little hot these days in daytime. So I went to the hospital by foot forward and backward and it was inevitable to sweat so that the stickiness of adhesive tapes was worse. The swab was a little loose and left its original location and I was a little worried about that and felt how to pass the night for sleep. I went the hospital branch on this campus to add two bands of tapes to reinforce the swab. Then this afternoon I will change dressings as what I feel right in this way. 


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