Thinking From The Great Change Of The Weather Recently

Recently you and I might both concern about the great change of the weather. The temperature these three days changed so greatly that many people could not have made a full preparation to deal with. First let’s look at this change in this city. The first day of this month was, 19.4℃, which was at late autumn. Yesterday was, 12℃, which was at the start of winter. Today is, the lowest 5℃, which is at cold winter. But tomorrow it will be acquired up to 21℃, and then it comes back to the fall!

Affected by the cold north, just 3 days, this city endures after three quarters only in three days which is even with a rare in the history! From short-sleeved, to thin coats and to cotton-padded clothes then …in a surprise attack of the strong cold air, the local people run around in circles and the pace of life is also confused. What scary the weather is!

The day before yesterday it began to snow in Beijing, which is a full two months earlier than last year and was also the earliest first snow in the passed 22 years. At 8:00 yesterday, the Meteorological Observatory issued cold report. Strong cold air from the north has affected this city and the temperature has been significantly reduced. On the way I went to the lab, I saw something interesting happened. I saw many people on the road like normal days. But the difference is that what they wore appeared in large difference. Some people wore a think coat which was the choice of most people. But there were also some people still wore a thin sleeved coat to fight against the cold wind. Even some people who might be so afraid of cold wore sweaters. I thought what a great change of the temperature and there might be so many people catching a cold who had not experienced with such a change before. I had been always complaining about the hot weather before which might affect the swab on my head. But today I am now feeling so cold even in the sunshine at daytime.

People might think of it and which reason made such a great change on temperature. Most of us might think that now we feel it more and more obvious that the period of the two seasons, spring and autumn, has been shorter and shorter. We can see this change in recent days. In October it was at a high temperature which was higher than the average before. It was most like the temperature of late summer but on early November the temperature drops sharply to early winter. It also happens to the transition from late winter to early summer which omits spring. This phenomenon has become a reality in Wuhan, an important city in Middle China. But from now on, I feel that if the weather continues to develop like this, more and more cities like Wuhan will be located in China. I think the government knew this phenomenon well before and well knows which the key point is. But for a developing country like China, the most important thing first is to develop the economics and how to survive the whole population. In the past three decades of the economic development, we have paid a great environmental price to exchange GDP. We have eaten out the resources which should have left to our generations even a decade in advance. Of course it is not the problem only to China. All the countries on the earth should face with the reality and it happened in many countries including those developed countries during the process of their early development. So many International communities like Greenpeace Organization have made great concern with the earth environment, our common family. I think with the continuous concern of more and more people and organizations and the unit of many governments, our common family will become more and more beautiful.


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