Removing Stitches Yesterday

Yesterday morning as what I had planed before, I went to the hospital to remove stitches still that was the day after one week of the operation. All the things happened as what I had thought before. Nothing unusual happened. Because of the great change of the weather, these days it goes back to autumn again with temperature of about 20 degree centigrade. It is quite good for the rehabilitation of the wound after the removing. But several days before just as what I said in my formal entry, it was in late summer and sweats was inevitable. The swab was easy to not stick to the skin. It became hollow in the swab this Monday and I took it away form my head as what the doctor said before that if it dropped you could let it be. All these things are OK. But the most unbearable thing is that I should not wash the head. Till now I have not washed it for more than one week. It is so itching that I am unbearable especially these two days. You know itch is an unpleasant sensation that evokes the desire or reflex to scratch. Last night was the worst night I was ensuring. It often occurs at night especially when I just get to bed. I was lying in bed even at the beginning two hours I continuously scratched. Fortunately I cut the nails of my hands before, or I would have scratched for long so that there might be some blood in the gaps in the nails.

Although it is unbearable even now, I should continue to adhere to the following two days. The doctor said that the part was difficult to swab and then it was exposed without any coverage. But still the most important was that in the following two days it should not be touched by water. I find the hair around that part has developed so soon only in one week. Tomorrow might be all fine and the feeling of itch on the head, the interruption to me most, might disappear soon.


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