The Weather Changes Greatly

A few days ago I registered an account of Facebook and began to write some short messages there. Facebook is a global social networking website that is operated and privately owned by Facebook, Inc. It is a popular tool to communicate and you can see the instant update of your friends and the latest dynamic activities there. It is not convenient to open the site in China. So I do not often walk outside and the update is impossible at a high frequency. I have not walked there for a few days and just now I wrote something there. There are so many dynamic updates of my friends!

It has been cold for the past few days. It is really too much cold. It really comes into winter and it snows in many places. But now it does not snow yet here. It is said that the temperature will rise again after 20 from the weather forecast of Central Meteorological Station. You’d better pay more attention to keep warm these days and many people surrounded catch a cold especially H1N1. In short, it is good not to catch a cold.

I saw a news report about the great change of the weather recently in many cities especially in Wuhan. It was in 1976 that it snowed for the earliest time in the past several decades. It was also the same day on November 16 with this year! You know that in 1976 three great men died in China. Many southern places came into winter in advance. Do not you think there might be some great things happening this year, in the past months and the last less two months? I really think so there must be!


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