The New Year Is Coming!

Today is the third day of the New Year 2010. Sorry not to update the entries here. Because there are several events or important things happened during the period of the bottom of last year and at the top of the New Year. So I would like to say something about these events and things here. There might be somewhat interesting among the days during the last few days in 2009 and the starting New Year holiday these days. Here I will make a brief introduction and description of these events or things.

December 25th is the Christmas Day every year. And like the same tradition that our department and the campus would hold the parties to welcome the western festival and the coming New Year, this time the party of our department was held in that evening. Different with other times, I had registered for the party in advance, because I thought I would like to show off myself on the stage which was a good chance for me. I have always seen theatrical glories of others, which I long to emulate. This time I made the idea become reality. After that, I was full of satisfaction.

The big problem was what programs I would perform. Of course I would choose those which I was so familiar with and in my line. But I don’t have any specialties which might make me perform poorly. What I think I can release is only singing. If I sang a popular song, there would not raise any attention of the audiences. So I chose three songs which might not be ordinary for preparation. These included two segments of Huangmei Opera and one interlude of the Korean TV play 꽃보다 남자, Lucky. At last, the two segments of Huangmei Opera were selected which were listed as follows.

Segment of Huangmei Opera <Emperor’s Female Son-in-law> : <Unexpectedly I won the first place in imperial examination>

Segment of Huangmei Opera < Collecting Grass for Pigs> : < A Dialogue on Flowers (Part)>

The evening party was excellent and it continued to be about three hours. Although the formal programs were not many, but several games were alternated among them. My performance was arranged at the fifth place. Looking at many students and teachers sitting around, I felt a little nervous but I adjusted to the normal mood soon. With the music started, I sang the two songs fluently and successfully. That was great! I was excited at that time when the audience clapped at the end of the play. Several presents were given to the actors and I got a little table lamp, a piece of table calendar, two plush toys of the little tiger.

Later this Monday, my tutor and we three went to one hospital to inspect and learn from an operation. The patient was injured by a fall from the high place which made him lumbar disc herniation and lumbar fusion must be operated for such an acute condition. We stood just behind the doctors in the operation room to so nearly see the whole process of the operation. It was the first time I went to the operation room to see the process of operation. If you have seen such an operation like this, you would not like to be operated if you also affect the same disease. The whole process was somewhat horrible and the patient was in the condition of general anesthesia. The surgeons were like the carpenters who had the same whole set of tools to use.

Of course these days there were some other things happened even one or more were so important for me. But in this entry, they would not be included. Later I will write something about them independently. OK! Although the festival has been passed for two days, I still wish all of you, my dear friends happy in the new decade of the life.


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