One Horrible Thai Movie I Just Saw

I have early known that in Asia, the horrible movies of Japan and Thailand are really horrible which give us different feelings from those of European and American products. Today I just saw a Thai horrible movie named ห้าแพร่ง (in Chinese 鬼乱5). It contains five independent stories.

The first story teaches us that cause and effect have been reported and we should respect our parents. Father is a mountain and the love of father is grace. Money and mobile phones of innocent people can be robbed, but father should not betrayed even we are much short of money. For us son, it is a fundamental not to move towards the passers by throwing stones and it is common sense that we can not throw stones towards our fathers.

The second story teaches us that curiosity can kill the cat. No matter how the old uncle next bed was a patient, how can a good young man with the two limbs sound and good manner crowded? However, if one has a nice look, that face will inevitably be remembered. It was only himself to blame bad luck that the truth was known by the head nurse and he was framed by the uncle ABCD. Otherwise why it is said that being handsome is a crime.

The third story teaches us to cherish life and keep far away from drugs. I know that people, after smoking marijuana, has a strong feel of hunger. But which ingredients of the drug in the story, ah, it was able to make the dead live abruptly from hunger. The small couple should pay attention that they do not ride the car of strangers. But it should be even more noted that do not get to a place to play which has to be taken to by a stranger’s car.

The fourth story teaches us that business is sincere. Fade alcohol blinds people and toxic milk threatens the life, which has been criticized by the mass media every day. It is not always in the law-abiding citizens who make abandoned vehicles converted into 90% count second-hand cars. It is still wrong even if you give car GPS navigation systems, burned CD for free music, a car wash center discount card and breaking price of insurance with only 998 for sale. In addition, this story proves once again, women really can not have both career and son.

The fifth story teaches us that everyone should persevere. But it is honestly better to see a doctor when you are ill. Let leaders buckle down to action on such kind of thing of being fallen ill in the workplace.

Finally, I have to say that all the boys in the film are handsome to be almost swooning with frightIf you are interested in this film, you can see it online or download it from Internet.


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