Can We Use Google Search Later?

Recently we are all concerning with the great event that Google China might pull out of Chinese market. This is really a giant thing that of course causes the attention of many Chinese. With the development of it, there have been two opposite opinions on the Internet in China. And the debate is becoming fiercer. Many related news and commends are easily found on Internet. You can find many Chinese websites and news report this event and its development. Of course I am now still concerning with the latest trend. No one like me can guess how the next step would occur. The only thing I can do is to wait and see. You can see something like the report of the interview to Google’s chairman and CEO here: A Conversation With Google’s Chairman and CEO.

I think that most of us have known the origin of this event. But we now still don’t clearly know the reason. So many suspicions have been seen and there are several versions. Here I do not list them in detail. I believe that most people are concerning with this event like me and they have seen these speculations. Whether or not these speculations are from the purpose of commercial competition or the sensitive political attempt, the result and the final influence can be concluded from this event and that might be the key point that most of the common netters like me pay attention to just like the writer and racer Hanhan interviewed by Tudou net. You can download this video here:韩寒就谷歌欲退出中国接受土豆网采访.

At last I found a good website that can log on twitter easily. If you are interested in such a mini blog, you can have a try and my nickname there is summersnow2001. Here is the website of Twitese, “twitter Chinese circle”: Remember to twitter me there.


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