One Gathering And Activities Yesterday

I have been noticed that one former employee would come here from Shanghai with another former intern worked here for about a few months last year. The office leader here had contrived this gathering yesterday before such as the activities like climbing the hill and the place where we would go to have a meal. One of them came to Hangzhou on Friday and the other came here yesterday morning. I was called to the office to meet with them and more than a dozen of people took part in this gathering including the two guests, we graduate students, the employees now here and some other relative people.

At about half past 12 after I had my lunch, I came to the office and most of the participants had been there. Then according to the scheme before, we started to walk to Yuquan campus to meet with some other people waiting there and climbed to the Beigao peak along the way from the entrance at the back of the library. The sunshine was quite fine and the temperature was still a little high. Because the first way of the line was mostly connected with hundreds of steps upward, we felt so hot and put off the sweaters handling in the hand. It was the weekend and there were many people walking along the way most of whom were students studying in the university. They felt it a good chance for them to have a rest or body relaxation and practice. I was always at the front of the line among the people and some of us brought a digital camera with them, so they took many photos in the way. But I think most of the photos were taken by the design director because he had a camera with a high quality. We weretaken some formal group photos on the bridge leading to the entrance of the central bus station of Lingyin just by his camera. Haha. Some of these photos will be uploaded to my live spaces photo folder later when I get these photos.

There is an interesting phenomenon that there are a relatively complete three age levels of late 70th, late 80th and the late 90th among the group of the people. Haha. Most of us are within the 80th except two, the oldest and the youngest. So the two came together to have something more to talk with. That boy is the cousin of the former intern but he looked like a mature man when I firstly saw him in the office. He was only one senior middle school (high school) student and that might be the reason that he was dressed in mature. When I chatted with him and found that he not only looked mature but performed a best behavior. He was a versatile student good at music, drawing, dancing and P.E. He said he liked street dancing but he would go to the real street in the public to practice different with many other street dancing boys and he was the top one on the flying jump in his grade. Maybe by this reason, he even felt that within the educational system in China, grades and subject achievements are the mostly concerned under the leading of the college entrance exam, the many merits in him might be covered up or even lost because he said he had no good grades or subject achievements. So he thought if he was aboard, he might be in another condition and it was lucky that he had the idea to study abroad and could make it into the reality some day in the future. Of course he had some other merits and might still have some defaults. But only in a short contact, I could not know one person wholly. The most interesting thing was that he really looked and performed like Liu Qian, the magic master from Taiwan. And most of his relatives and students all felt that he should learn magic to perform like Gentleman Liu. Of course everyone has his own thoughts and he would like to do the things he likes to do.

We talked much in the way climbing the hill and we liked to cut shorts to experience the breathtaking and exciting walked or ran on a downhill path. I had not done such things for long and the feelings of exciting do not come to me for long. Later we got to the top of the Beigao peak and there were many people there with a broadcast
transmitter, a temple and a big bell. After we walked down the hill and went to the bus station to take bus as our scheme. But unfortunately, that was the rush time in trip areas, we stayed on the bus standing for even half an hour while the bus only went ahead for a few hundreds of meters. We got off the bus at the first stop and walked to the destination on foot. It was late and it became dark, so we gave up the scheme to go to the restaurant far away. We walked to the place near the library of the province and at last went into one with the cooks from Sichun. So their dishes were mainly hot dishes and some other northeast ones. I did not drink wine and they drank a dozen of beer. But many of them did not adapt to the hot dishes. After the meal, we still sat around the table playing the game so-called ‘killing people’. We played for four times and I adorned the policeman twice, the civilian once and the killer once. In the last round, in the condition that other two were ‘killed’, I, as a killer, ‘killed’ two policemen and finally we won the round.

It was a nice and happy day I spent and such gatherings and activities might be fewer and fewer in later days. I still adorn them even they are working while still have the chances to be gathered to be fun and happy. Wish it still stayed for long with me!


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