Is Cell Phone Radiation Really Harmful To Our Health?

Today I’d like to talk about the hot topic about the harm of cell phone radiation to our health. Is cell phone radiation really harmful to our health? In this regard, it seems that the debate never stopped. Environmental Working Group (EWG), the U.S. non-profit organization, tested SAR (the ratio of radiation absorbed by the soft tissue of human head) on 1000 kinds of various cell phones. The results showed that the maximum radiation is Motorola while Samsung cell phone radiation is the minimum. Among them, the BlackBerry Bold 9700 reached a value of 1.55W/kg, received radiation “championship” mobile phone in the title.

Not long ago, the latest research of British experts discovered that the possibility of phone to cause cancer is more carcinogenic than cigarettes. This has become the latest and the most serious warning to mobile phone radiation which concerns of people referring to an unprecedented height.

According to statistics, about 3 billion people worldwide use mobile phones, the number of which is 3 times that of smokers. Mobile phone users exceed 700 million in China among 1.3 billion people. That is to say that on average at least one of the two people own mobile phones.

Many medical experts believe that cell phone must receive and send radio waves in order to realize the function of communication. In the process of using mobile phones, the antenna, the strongest signal radiation part, is the nearest to the brain, so it will certainly have a negative impact to the brain. Studies have found that people, who used mobile phones for more than 10 years, may increase the risk of brain cancer and oral cancer and it is related to insomnia, Alzheimer’s disease, child behavior problems and infertility.

In the model of choice, the antenna of straight patterns is the nearest to the head, so it is with the largest radiation. Radiation of flip patterns is the smallest while slide patterns somewhere in between. There are no effects on the radiation intensity among mobile phones with various different functions. The mini cell phone radiation is relatively large.

Fortress phones are the largest “Radiation big”. The quality of raw materials, structural design, launching parameters of some fortress phones are all up to standard. In order to pursue the power, radiation is overtaking the national standards, and some even exceed 50 times. I am really afraid that I just bought a set of fortress phone and worried about the too large radiation of it. So I must be careful when using it as follows:

1. Try to call at open places or places close to the window without blocking the local call.

2. Please do not put the phone near the head in the process of dial-up and connecting to another and do not make the phone contact to your ear when hearing calls and make a distance of 5cm at least.

3. Be away from the phone and use line headphones to talk, you’d better do not use a Bluetooth headset.

4. Try not to put the phone on bed at night because there is still a certain amount of radiation when the phone is on.

5. Select mobile phones with formal quality assurance and many domestic fortress phones do not pass through power debugging.

6. Do not use mobile phones to talk for long. If you do that, you should change to another ear at about 5 minutes intervals and of course you’d better use fixed telephone instead.

7. Please put the phone at least 1 meter away from you if you do not use it and let it in the outer pocket of the bag with you. If you do not have the habit to bring a bag with you and out the phone with you, you’d better put it in the pocket of your pants with the keyboard contact to your skin. Remember do not hang it on your neck or put it on the lumbar.


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