In This Ching Ming Festival Holiday

I would like to say sorry that this was a bad holiday and my trip was not arranged before. I suddenly wanted to go out somewhere but I did not decide the place or places. And just one day before this holiday, I contacted two friends in Suzhou and wanted to go there. But one had not much time with me because he had to use this holiday to learn driving. I thought that I would only see him and had a brief talk with him and then I could see another one with more time.

I got up early the next morning and directly went to the bus station to take bus to Suzhou when I got on the bus at 7:30. About two and a half hours later, the bus got to north Suzhou bus station. But unfortunately, I could not contact the friend who had free time on that day and the telephone did not be received any more. I had to go to see the one who had to practice driving at 1:00 pm. I took on the bus to the new district of Suzhou and only had time to have a simple meeting and a lunch without much talk with him. He asked me to stay for a night, but he still continued to practice the next morning. Only by myself I would not like to go to anywhere. After calling some others in Kunshan and Shanghai temporarily, I at last decided to go to Shanghai.

I went to the railway station to see whether there were any train tickets to Shanghai on that afternoon. And still unfortunately, the earliest ticket to Shanghai was that started at 6:00 pm, I felt it a little late and went back to north Suzhou bus station to go to Shanghai by bus. After more than two hours I got to south Shanghai bus station near to south Shanghai railway station.

I had known that only two whom I sent messages to were still in Shanghai. So I had to see them during the next day. I went to somewhere in Qingpu in the night and on the next morning took subways to Baoshan. I noticed that the English explanations of the subways had a few changes. The most obvious change is that one important key word has been changed in the following sentence: “Next stop is XXX. Please get ready to exit at the right/left side.” The word is “exit” with the word “light” before. You can experience the difference between the two words.

Above all, most of my friends and classmates in Shanghai went out of the city to spend this holiday. So I would not meet them without the contact in advance. This is still a lesson for me.


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