Receiving A Cheating Message And Report To 12321

Maybe many people like me have the experience to receive some rubbish messages. I have of course received them for many times and I have ever been cheated before which gave me a great lesson. You can see it from one of my entry before. “Experiencing Real Internet And Message Trap” The recent event I encountered was the following two entries. “I Am So Disappointed At China Unicom” & “Matter Develops As What Out Of I Thought”.

This afternoon I received a message which was really a tempting bait. In the message it said, “尊敬的用户!您已被<非常6+1>栏目组“李.咏”抽中今日幸运用户,請用电脑登陆网站cctv8613.com领取!验证码:2588”. Haha. I knew I might delete such messages before when I saw them and felt it was really an obvious trap. But this time I had a try to see how the swindlers make so many people go into the trap. I opened the above address on my computer and I was afraid whether it might be a web with virus. After I opened I saw the page so familiar to the real page of the official website. I tried to complete the verification code 2588 into the blank and then I could see that one tip said that I was congratulated to be the second prize with a large number of money and a set of Samsung N40 notebook. In order to get this prize, I must complete the full personal information and remit money for shipping in three hours and then contact with the service by one 400 phone number.

Before doing the above things, I searched the relative information from the search engines. In search, after you use the key words with “非常6+1” to search, you can see many results and the first one is just a piece of news from which is “假冒央视“非常6+1”网站的中奖骗局”. In this news, I can see the trap in detail. There is no such a pie from the sky for me to hit to my head! The methods like this are with a high and clever way. It can be seen through from any one fault. But in reality there are many people followed in the trap. So this time I reported this message to, one webpage of report center where anyone can report the rubbish messages and bad network information. After reporting, you can check the dealing process of your report. 


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