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It is funny that recently I noticed the news about mini blog has been widely spread and shot to our eyes of view. Many door internet stations have established their own after the last wind of mini blogs as fanfou and jiwai in China following firstly took into action and finished the collection of people in the new wind and it becomes the hottest one among all the door internet stations. Recently many others also opened like and Even tencent, the largest number of SNS group community, has been in the process of public testing. Yesterday I got on CC98, one forum in internal campus, and found many gave out their invitation codes and I tried for many times and finally I succeeded through one code. In this way I opened my tencent mini blog successfully. And many months ago, I registered on after I received many invitation letters from my MSN friends. Now in this community, mini blog is also now published. There are something special different to others in this mini blog. Of course, I have owned twitter accounts several months ago. Now I publish my mini blogs here and please follow me when you also have the following one or more mini blogs. Thanks for all.

My tencent mini blog:

My tongxue mini blog:

My twitter mini blog:



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