One Activity Of Our Community Yesterday: Flying The Kite

Spring comes now. You know spring is the best season among the four. In our thought of mind, the main characters of spring might be fine and nice with warm and sunny shine and everything is becoming vivid and vibrant. But this year is really an exception. It is still with a relatively low temperature now although it is in late April.

It changes a little compared with other ordinary years before. Spring comes a little later this year. There might be one or more activities of our community each term. According to the previous arrangements planed, there are two or three this term in the splendid season. The activity of flying the kite yesterday is the first start of the series of activities.

Before this there was the preparation like buying the kites and the award. The secretary of our community did these things in advance and we 15 people took part in it. It was not too hot yesterday afternoon and we chose the place in Zijingang campus. At about 13:00, we took the public bus there and chose one block of lawn seeing many people flying kites there. All the kites we bought from are with white surface. We should draw anything we like on it to identify the difference with each other. There were not too many people while with more than 20 kites and each one of us had one kite. I drew nothing on the kite. But it was really difficult to fly. I ran from one head to the other head back and forth for a few times, but I failed to fly it high with a period of time even in the condition of a strong wind. We all complained for the kite. Only one person of us brought his own kite with the figure of QQ to take part in the activity. It flied high in the sky at last. Although the kite was different with others, it flied high for long and the person was given the first award. He could choose one present from all the things of award. He took a large folding stool the remaining gifts were divided by all of us in sequence of lots we drew. I took a bag of four clips for sealing plastic bag opening, a mobile pendant which can detect ultraviolet rays, one set of mini scissors and a plastic bag with 8 pieces of bags to put in the cards. On the way back, we suggested that we have a meal before we left when all of us felt hungry at that time. We had a rich meal in the dinning hall at the third floor in the building of food center. Of course photos were taken in the process. Haha. Some of these photos will be uploaded to my live spaces photo folder later when I get these photos.


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