Welcome To Join In My MSN Group

Today I created a new MSN group on http://groups.im with the name of “旅游、心理学和专利交流”! Welcome all the friends join in this group and I wish it a good and nice place to communicate tour, psychology and patent especially Huangshan tour, engineering psychology and patent writing or application.

Here is the MSN group address: [email protected]. Please add it in your MSN account. Thanks.


但是看了考试的介绍发现,原来考试内容很多的,前面的两门课全都是考法律的,而我对法律本身不是很熟悉。为此,我还创建了一个MSN的群,欢迎对专利感兴趣和准备考试的朋友加入到我的MSN群讨论,谢谢!我的群地址是:[email protected]


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