Say Something Greatly Happened Recently

I have not said something happened recently for a period of time. But something great really happened recently. I have decided to take the National Qualification Examination for Patent Agents which is the basic admission to lead to the job of patent agents. It is found that the profession of patent agents in China is a job of golden collar with great prosperities. Of course I want to take it as the part time job at the beginning of my later career period. It might develop quickly and in great need under the condition of nowadays Chinese economic environment. More and more companies, especially small enterprises have realized the great importance of their own independent technological properties. All these properties can support the later development and the survivor or even the fierce competition in the market. So I think later the need for such people is urgent. What’s more, I think if the part time job for me will develop fast and well managed, I would like to have my own patent agency. Hah! All these are what I expect and wish to be in the future. And the realistic thing for me now is to have a full preparation for the exam in November this year. So a few days ago, I established one MSN group with the name of “旅游、心理学和专利交流”and the address of [email protected]. Welcome all the people who want to be a patent agent join in this group to chat here!

Another great and shock thing for me was that yesterday I just knew the news that one of my classmates now dropped off from the building in Guangzhou about 30 days before last month! She was my classmate in the same class of mine and we four or five always went to Zijingang to listen to the class of psychological statistics at the first two terms after we went into school in 2007. it was really a great shock to me and I could not believe it a reality! What surprised me most was that she was just living in the same floor with me in the same building but I did not know anything about her in the past one month. One of my classmates was still in great mourning and bad mood who was her close friend. I picked out the group photos taken in Zijingang before and I was still in those photos and her smiles were all through the interfaces but the body has been gone. She was a teacher in one normal college and it was heard that her suicide was due to her family not her study pressure. Her QQ is now still in my QQ friend list but the space has been deleted before. In the list of the impression of her friend, there are listed “open, sunny, tender, unrestrained and talented woman” in Chinese. We can not find anything abnormal but she was really in great depression. It was unbelievable and I can not think that it was a reality although it passed for a month.

Now I am in the busy time and will do the experiments next week. It is so urgent for me with my graduation paper. So time is limited and I will put the full time and energy in it. A ZA! A ZA! Fighting!


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