One Activity Of Barbecue Of Our Lab

Maybe proposed by me a few days ago with the original intention of releasing the low depression of one of my classmates who was the close friend of the dropper I mentioned in the last entry and still in great mourning and bad mood, our lab suggested a outdoor activity to have a barbecue on the spot of the Ninth Brook on last Saturday. Concerning with the weather forecast of that day two days before, it was said that it might be raining. So the designers downstairs suggested that they agreed with the activity and would like to join us, but the most important thing was that how about the weather that day and if there would be a large raining, the activity might be ruined. How to deal with the materials bought in advance? What they worried about was really the big problem and I was still caring of the bad weather. If it would be fine on Saturday, I would have gone to the Qiandao Lake only with the cost of passenger fare back and forth. Thinking that it would be raining on Saturday, I finally gave up and canceled this trip. But the classmates in our lab believed that it would be fine without any large rain on Saturday. So they bought the materials on Friday evening. I of course had nothing to say anything about that.

But fortunately when I got up on Saturday morning, it was not bad with any rain. So I had to join in this activity. It was a good luck from the heaven to them, I thought. But what the dramatic thing was that the protagonist was absent. Taking on one traveling bus to the Ninth Brook, there were many people in the carriage without any empty seats. So all of us stood on the way and what the funniest thing was that the English spelling of the names of the bus stops. For example, do you know how to translate ‘六和塔’ into English by the bus spelling? You might laugh spray when you hear it spelled ‘the Six Honeymoon Tower ’. I always cared of two younger sister girls on all the way. After taking off the bus, I fetched the plastic bag instead from one of them who was standing by me on the bus. Later after we finished the activity of barbecue and on the way walking along the road, when they went to the public convenience, I became the man of carrying bags.

Concerning with the process of barbecue, I would not write down more here. We chose a place by one dead lake where the guests could go fishing or go boating. We rent two braziers and there were too many things to barbecue. I only ate some vegetable plates and chicken legs. After about three hours, we left and walked on the way in the spot to have a site seeing like ‘Misty Trees by Nine Streams’ and ‘Nine Streams and 18 Valleys’. Some of us took some photos of the scene and our group photos on the way. Later I will take the photos back and upload some of them to my photo folder here.

The next day of the weekend was Sunday. I went to the digital city to buy a set of digital camera that day. Haha. I had the idea to own one long time before, but I always put it into action. During these three years what I favored was changing from Canon A720 IS (!280219AFE1526359!819.entryto Kodak M420 ( and FinePix S1500 ( But at last when I went to the business man shop desk of FinePix S1500, the boss at last recommended another type of Canon A1100 IS ( I finally accepted her recommendation and bought this type of digital camera. After that I got to to find the price of it. I found most of the prices were within the same range of my cost. Only one business online shop gave a low price 150 yuan lower than what I cost. Above all, I did not suffer too many losses.


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