Concerning With Super Boy 2010 Later These Days

Last night I saw the videos of the super boy 2010 four play shows. That’s great! All the athletes were so hard-working to seek their dreams. Then I’d like to say something of the feelings to the eliminated one by one in detail with my own words from my point of view. I’d try on the stand with a justice. Haha remembering the play before of 12 tops, I have looked some boys good in the later future like Li Wei and Chen Xiang. Really it is true in later plays I saw with an excited mood. There were some high secrets and so fascinating plots in all the plays.

1. No.12 Zhao Fan. He was always trying his best to work hard and only with the restriction of his own abilities and he left the stage. What made me a deep expression is that his mother was always supporting her son in the crowd.

2. No.11 Delay. It is he only couple in 12 tops while stopped in coming in top 10. They had made the best preparation and the worst intention.

3. No.10 Yu Miti. He is the athlete of Xinjiang people and his earlier outgoing was out of his expectation. I feel him a bold and unconstrained man.

4. No.9 Wu Junyu. He is the little cute/卡哇伊, I and many people from the mini-blogs called who is the youngest athlete in top 12. I feel him with a common singing power but I like him and his songs.

5. No.8 Zhang Jianbo. He is the only one from Hefei competition zone with the cute name of little fat. I feel him with a good singing ability. In the play in July 30th, he was at last PKing with Wu Yi, with a poor singing power. Unfortunately their fates were dependent on the votes and you know Wu Yi is the popularity king.

And of course the left 7 are top 7 and I’d like to say them in detail later. I have published the main contents of this entry on my mini-blogs before. On my TX mini-blog, one friend said that he only like Liu Xin. He likes his voice, the original songs and supports him, cute and a little fat. Yeah I agreed with him and Liu Xin really is. But the song of Shanghai‘s Bund almost ruined him. I feel I might be better than him in that Cantonese song. Haha I am so self loving.


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