A Few Days In Anji In The Summer Holiday

Let me continue to record the things I did in the passed summer holiday. On late July, I went to one factory cooperated with our lab (strictly saying the separate little company limited) in Anji County, Huzhou. Anji County is well known for its bamboo, containing as it does 60,000 hectares of bamboo groves. It has been designated a pilot county for ecological construction. Anji is 65 kilometers from Hangzhou. Some of Anji’s residents have attempted to take the sustainable development road by developing ecology-friendly agriculture, industry and tourism, and building an ecology-friendly city. The more detailed introduction of this county can be found on the page of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anji_County from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

I went to the factory to make a chair I designed which had not been seen in the market. The special chair should be used in my later lab which is one important part in my later graduation paper. On July 27th, I went to the near oriental resort to see the sight there. The landscape was really nice and peaceful. Here were some of the photos taken in the resort.

one public chair on the lawn in the resort

one big pine tree

one wooden bridge

one quiet path with bamboo trees along it

the tar road in the resort

the special stone to remember Mr. Wu Changshuo

the fruit of one kind of unknown plant for me

the beautiful and elegant building of the hotel


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