The Bus Station And The Hotel I Stayed In Yongkang

In the passed summer holiday, another city I went out to is Yongkang, one county-level city belong to Jinhua, Zhejiang. I went there to make another experimental device to test the stability of ankles in a factory that produces the chassis of chairs. I went there by bus spending me about 3 hours. The county was established in the time of Wu Kingdom (AC 222~280) during the famous Three Kingdoms Period. The Chinese name means “Forever Well-being”. In the last two decades, Yongkang has been well known for both its aggressive promotion of tourism and booming economy in hardware manufacturing. It is widely considered as “Hardware Capital of China”. It is really a place of industrial product in Zhejiang, so there might be even more than half of the population of non-resident workers. I saw many workers coming from various districts like Sichuan and the East North on the streets and in the bus. I could obviously distinguish them from their accents. For the detailed information of this county, please visit this web:,_Zhejiang from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

I stayed there for 5 days living in a hotel near the east bus station of Yongkang. And the factory was a little far away from the hotel. I came to and backward from the factory by bus. Here are some photos of the bus station and the hotel.

one hotel by the station

the square of the station

the gate of the station

the chairs and table in the room

the paper-cuts for door decoration on the door of the bathroom


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