The Furniture Exhibition Shanghai, 2010 And The Visit To One Special Place In Shanghai

I was staying in Shanghai from 9th to 11th this month. I went to attend the Furniture Exhibition Shanghai, 2010 at the International Exhibition Center on Longyang Road, Pudong. It was so convenient that you could take on the bus there during the days of the exhibition at the exit of the Longyang subway station. I went there on the third day but the majority of the team went there the day before. So the main time in the center I was staying at the spot of the stall of the factory cooperated with our lab in Anji. That is the difference from the day in the same exhibition last year. You can see the photos taken last year in my photo folder and the address link is: “2009年9月上海家具展”. I only went to see few of the other booths one of which was Lianyou Office Chair, whose chairs were shown in the photos as follows. The main innovative structure is the design of the chassis of the office chairs which combines with the seatpan into one whole chair. You can see two photos above in detail.

Anji Chairs Pavilion

the show of various types of chairs

office chairs with a high level like this

the detailed show of one chair of the chassis

the detailed show of one chair of the seatpan

one post to show the spirit of their excellent design product

After the exhibition I stayed in Shanghai for another day. Two of my senior middle school classmates and I gathered together at noon on that Saturday near Xujiahui. We had the lunch in a restaurant on one secret street in Xuhui District. The spot including that street is one special place in Shanghai. Many people even some native residents do not know that place exactly. It includes many one-way streets with many old trees along the two sides of the streets and many old houses and western style buildings. The environment there is so good and keeps quiet in a noisy neighborhood. There are not many pedestrians and cars on the streets and Shanghai Library is not far away. One of my classmates later at that afternoon took me to have a look there and I took some photos in one old yard where the biggest capitalist Rong Desheng lived before liberation. Now the buildings in the yard are changed into the Children’s Palace of Xuhui District. And there are many stories about the special place in Shanghai.

the gate of the Children’s Palace of Xuhui District

a row of class rooms

one corner with two pavilions

the eastern instruments museum


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