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You know that on 28th last month, Microsoft announced that it would close its Windows Live Spaces service and in the later six months migrate its 30 million users to You can see the detailed information on this page of the blog: “微软关闭Windows Live Spaces (月光博客)” in Chinese or “Microsoft to shut down Spaces, migrate 30 million to” in English. It said that spaces will however be shut down, next March, so if I have a Spaces blog that I want to keep, I’ll need to move it over before then and I will also be given the option to download my Spaces content, in html form, or simply to delete my Space.

When I first knew this news on the micro-blog from 月光博客, I was greatly shocked. Why such a big company like Microsoft would do this thing to shut down its blog? Many users thought the services of Microsoft would be safe and secure and it might not be disappeared or shout down. Although there are about 30 million users, among which the active like me would not be too many. Many people think that it might be with no profit of the space and the maintenance of it would be a large amount of cost. I think it might be. And this might be one key reason for Microsoft to make this decision. Many Chinese users are still using Live Spaces as their blogs. But many of them do not satisfy with the services and it does not include many common functions which are not convenient for a blog writer. I still agree with these ideas. But I have no other choices. Although I have tried to build and use many other domestic blog spaces such as Baidu space, 163 space, Chinese Myspace space, Chinese Sina space and Tencent space (Qzone), they are not fit for me and I do not like them all. Most of them except Qzone are not allowed to be deleted. I have to only delete all the entries and commends with an empty space left. The most main problem I rejected them is that I do not like the decoration of the page and they seem to be too complicated and there are many things on the page. While on the main page of Widows Live Spaces, it looks simple and comfortable. Of course different people have different styles and flavors. For example, many QQ users like the style of Qzone and I think the style of the space is actually fit to most users who are many young people.

From the above blog of 月光博客, the author think that with the growing up of micro-blog, the traditional blog might be faced with a server future of disappear at last. Even micro-blog might not be escaped from such fate. The only things which can survive in China might be the independent blog and Qzone space. The space and even micro-blog of Sina only exist depending on the effect of famous people. Many ordinary people concern with them and follow them and the space is the good place to propagate them which is a thing of mutual benefits. The independent blog is the surviving base of many heads of small stations and the existing reason of Qzone is that it all depends on its big amount of users.

From the news of “WordPress progress: 50,000 (+1, hopefully) converted” on  Liveside or “Windows Live Spaces迁移进展:两天,5万账户已迁移” in Chinese, we know that WordPress crews don’t have an exact estimate for how many Spaces bloggers will move over to in the next 6 months, but in the first 48 hours they have completed close to 50,000 migrations which is very promising. Haha. I am just one of the 50,000 migrations. Although the station of was often blocked in china before, it can be opened nowadays but it is slow and not stable. WordPress is a well known blog publishing platform. It is an open source CMS, often used as a blog publishing application powered by PHP and MySQL. It has many features including a plugin architecture and a templating system. Used by over 12% of the 1,000,000 biggest websites, WordPress is the most popular CMS in use today. For the more detailed explanation of it, please see or in Chinese from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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