How To Make Yourself Become The Focus Of The Public Views

Do you dream of being concerned as super stars some day? Today I’d like to teach you how to attract the attention of others and become the focus of the public views.


You should need:

Leading Ability 领导能力

Self-confidence 自信

Detail 细节

Skills and knowledge 才能和学识

Step 1. Wear some clothes that can attract the eyes. For example, a T-shirt with a eccentric logo, brilliant shoes, black ink glasses. All these can make you be identified from the crowd.

Step 1穿着一些能够吸引人眼球的服饰。例如一件有奇怪logo的T恤、鲜艳的鞋子、黝黑的墨镜,这能让人很快从人群中认出你。

Step 2. Show your self-confidence. Additional more gestures or body languages not only make you express yourself easily and conveniently, but make you more self-confident than others and easy to be concerned.

Step 2表现自信。添加一些手势或肢体语言不仅能让你更方便地表述清自己的意思,也会让你显得比别人更自信更容易受关注。

Step 3. Be leaders instead of followers. Do what you what to do not follow others. This can naturally make you easily distinguished from others.

Step 3、要做领袖而不是跟班。做你自己想做的事,而不是随大流,这能很自然地把你和其他人区分开来。

Step 4. Show out your skills and knowledge. You’d better show your skills and knowledge at the party or attending activities, make them have a completely new appraisal of yourself.

Tip Attention: if you lack such abilities, then you can prefer having a lecture in public.

Step 4展示你的才能和学识。在聚会或者活动时不吝展示自己的才能或学识,让他们都对你刮目相看吧。


Step 5. Communicate with eyes. When you are talking, you’d better try to communicate with others by eyes view which can ensure whether others are listening to you. If you present to be interested in the topic, others might also like to listen to you.

Tip Attention: a loud voice can speak for your talking.

Step 5、眼神交流。在你说话的时候,要试着和别人有眼神上的交流,这样才能确定别人是否在注意听你讲的话。如果你表现出很感兴趣的样子,那么别人也会愿意倾听你所谈论的话题。

Tip 提示:洪亮的声音能给你们的谈话加分不少。

Step 6. Be humorous. Person who understands humor would be anywhere welcome.

Step 6幽默。懂得幽默的人走到哪里都会受欢迎。

Do you know that? Red is the most attractive color because it can make blood pressure elevate and heart beating faster.


(The Chinese content of this entry comes from the blog “如何让你成为焦点” at the page of, thanks to the author and there is also a video there.)

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