Going To Guangdong This Week For Two Days

My tutor told me last week that I would go with him flying to Shantou, Guangdong this Sunday and asked me of my ID number to book the flight ticket. The purpose of this trip was to give the suggestion to the later new products of a factory in Jieyang, which is not far away from Shantou. For me, my task was to say something in law about the authorized patents in the same field of the products. I do not say the specific names and the detailed information about the new products. I was mainly staying in the factory and did not take the camera with me, and the main reason was that photography was banned in the workshop. There were no photos about the factory here.

On about 3:00 PM this Sunday, we went to Wulin Square to take the bus to the airport. The plane to Shantou was on 6:05 PM and that was the proper time to start. It was raining outside and I took a photo through the bus glass and another in the bus as follows.

a photo taken through the bus glass from outside

a photo in the bus ready to start

It was dark outside when the bus got to the airport. We took the tickets from the service place and went through check-in. That was the first time I went to the airport but I still did not take any photos there. We got on the plane 10 minutes in advance. That was a small plane with only about 60 people sitting in. The noise was so large and my ears were not adaptable and I felt it a little drumming in the ears. It flight so fast and it took about one hour and 40 minutes of the whole process. The airport of Shantou is so small and the car of the factory come to the airport and took us to Jieyang.

When we got to the center of Jieyang, it was so late and we went to a local sidewalk snack booth to have the supper. It was the first time for me to have the typical local dish of Chaoshan. Of course I was not used to such flavor. The main characters are light with little oil. Most of the dishes are half raw vegetables or fresh seafood. So I did not have good meals there in the two days.

It was so late that night when we got to the booked hotel, Rongjiang Hotel, one hotel of five-star level. The equipments and hardware conditions were very good. The following several photos were something related to the indoor decoration of the room I lived in.

one picture sticking to the wall in the bathroom

the rotating mirror on the wall

the shower

another picture on the wall object to the bed

the television

one bottle on the table in the corner

Rong River taken through the window

The next day was Monday and we got to the factory after we had our breakfast in the hotel. We stayed in the factory in the whole day and went back to the hotel in the evening. There was no computer in the room but there was the internet line. I had tried to log on the internet to retrieve the patents on the notebook of my tutor and the speed was very fast because of the wide band width of 100 MB. So I took on the TV set to watch TV in the two nights. I completely saw one period of one blind date program on ZJTV.

Most of the tasks were finished during Monday and there were no important things to do on Tuesday. So we went to Shantou in advance and got to two resorts: the Tiantan Park and the Tashan Scenic Area. Here were some photos taken in the two resorts.

an old banyan from the stone

Heavenly King Hall

Jialan Cabinet

fairy well, frog spring

banyan trees with long aerial roots

the gate of the Tashan Scenic Area

a small waterfall

the stone carving characters on it at the entrance of the underground cave

the introduction board of the Rainbow Lying Cave

the first famous scenic spot in Chaoshan

one famous middle school at the foot of the hill

a beautiful Chinese characters stone

Piaoran Pavilion on the top of the hill

a bird’s eye view

the way to the pavilion

the introduction board of Piaoran Pavilion

one guy standing on the chest of a big Buddhist statue

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