The Scenic Resort In Zijingang Campus Last Weekend On Early Winter

I had not gone to Zijingang campus for about one year after I had finished my major classes mainly in the first year of the learning period. Of course there might be some changes in the campus and the greatest one was that some new buildings were under construction. That means the areas of the campus was expanding because of the abandonment of another campus and the transmission there.

One of the office employees lives in a residential area so near to the campus. So last weekend another office employee and I went there by bus to have a look of the condition he lives in. When we got to there it was near the noon. So we three went to Zijingang campus to have the lunch and had a visit on the campus.

We went to the campus on foot and went in and out of the campus freely. After having the lunch in the dinning room at the first floor of the building, we went to the scenic resort area in the campus to have a record of the beautiful scene on early winter.

a piece of the grass by the lake through the campus

a tree with still many green leaves on the grass by the bridge to the eyot

beautiful lake with a bridge across it

yellow leaves predicting the coming of the winter

red maple leaves

only some fruits on the branches with all the leaves fallen

one single India Canna

Qiushi Pot

path with many falling leaves

the Red Building

a bridge reflecting on the surface of the water

beautiful red and yellow flowers

a block of beautiful red flowers

model of turbine blades near the metal-engineering practice workshop

the butterfly in the beautiful yellow anthemia

Big Ben building

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