Chrome OS Netbook Might Be Launched On Tuesday

I wrote one entry named “I’d Like To See Chrome OS Launching Later This Month” early last month. From the foreign latest news and report of Engadget: “Sources: Google-branded Chrome OS netbook to launch on December 7th”, Google is planning to announce its own Chrome OS netbook this coming Tuesday. We’ve heard from multiple sources that it’s powered by an Intel Atom processor. Google CEO explained before that the main difference of Android and Chrome OS was the keyboard. The Google Chrome OS netbook keyboard has been also shown recently from the report of “This is the Google Chrome OS netbook keyboard”.

Also you can see the pictures of keyboard layout and the real notebook of Acer’s Chrome netbook from the report in Chinese: “Google Chrome OS上网本独特键盘曝光”. We should also mention that the tipster that sent the above photo in claims the Google-branded Chrome OS netbook will be announced next Tuesday, but won’t be on sale until December 14. Looks like it’s going to be a very interesting Tuesday morning!

To say this news, it has also heard a similar December 7th launch date of the Chrome Web Store. “传谷歌12月7日推Chrome应用商店”. Well, there you have it, Google just sent out invites for its December 7th Chrome event!

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