Follow5 Will Close It’s Service Soon

It is really a piece of sad news I heard and Follow5 is one of the mini-blogs in China which has the powerful function of synchronization. It was open for registration on August 6, 2009. It focused on the sharing to it, and could be synchronized to twitter, digu, fanfou, kaixin001, renren / xiaonei, tencent, sina, tongxue, douban, Plurk, FriendFeed, facebook, 139 and other mini-blogging sites which was popular among many mini-blogger fans.

But recently when you opened the website of Follow5 (, it is a great shock and surprise that it is under maintenance before 15th this month and we who have the account before can log on its mobile client to send and receive messages. Here are the screenshots of main page and the mobile logging page (

the screenshot of main page

the screenshot of the mobile logging page

But after 15th this month, how will it go? Is it only a temporary event and it will recover to its previous condition? All these are unknown. Then from the news some media reported and even the message the official sent, we think that it will be closed soon in certain. You can see that from the news report on “独立微博Follow5宣布将暂停运营 或永久关闭”. In fact, a few more days ago, some users on Follow5 said that it could not enter with difficulties. I still found this from using Follow5 robots on MSN and QQ. I have used it for about more than one year and I have registered several mini-blogs including sina, tencent, twitter, facebook. I only found Follow5 had the function of synchronizing the messages on all of the above mini-blogs. But I seldom logged to the web to use it and I added the robots on QQ and MSN to publish my messages. But about two weeks ago I found the robots were offline till now. I thought there must be something wrong happened. Later I saw one message on my sina mimi-blog that it would be closed within this month from one famous IT blogger.

one Follow5 sent message on Google+

What do you think about this event? Is it so sad? Yes really. I think the main reasons were that the competition among that field was fierce and many tiny service providers can not survive with less and less users while some portals as sina collect the popularity; and that the whole condition is serious that some synchronized blogs can not be visited directly now in China. So it is still a problem of policy. In short, I still thank for its companionship for more than one year. I will continue to find out another proper synchronized tool. What a tragedy life we live~

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