Chasing Drama: The Melodrama “Lo And Behold”

When I was young, I watched many Hong Kong dramas released in the 1980s, many of which were ancient martial arts TV dramas. Compared with other Mandarin TV dramas, Hong Kong dramas have rich experience in filming techniques, plot design, and acting skills, especially the works made by TVB station, whose standard is very high. “Lo And Behold” is one of these masterpieces. It is one of the urban melodrama “Love Home” series. Since its launch in February 2017, it has now broadcast more than 1,000 episodes. Each episode is composed of a relatively independent story, but it is coherent as a whole. It continues to move forward as the entire plot changes.

In general, each story is well-designed and quite interesting. The contradictions between people are tuned in through understanding and are full of fun. When you watch this kind of melodrama, you really feel happy. So I have been chasing dramas until now. At first I didn’t think it looked good, but I got better later.


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