First Day as a Freshman Class Teacher

Since I started serving as a class teacher when I was in my postgraduate study, this year is the fifth class teacher I have served. For a professional teacher with rich experience in class teacher work, I know what is the most important advice for freshmen. For this reason, on the first day of meeting with new students, I told them the most important experience in these years.

Of course, I will complete the most basic duties on class teacher in accordance with the basic work requirements of the school. But in the most critical student professional thinking and awareness education, many college educators have ignored it, which is what I think the core content to be emphasized. Because it is necessary to promptly guide new college students. On the one hand, I’d like to guide students to quickly transition from the learning state of high school to that of the university, and to actively adapt to the short-term and high-intensity curriculum arrangement of the university. On the other hand, I’d like to actively guide students to determine their university study and life goals as soon as possible, and to plan their university life well. As a class teacher, I should immediately let everyone recognize the characteristics, importance and significance of university life, so that they should first correct their ideological understanding, especially their professional knowledge.

On the first day as a freshman class teacher, my advice is to hope that every student who comes to the university to study must carefully consider a core question: “What is the purpose of your study at the university?” In order to answer this question, a clear understanding is required, which comes to the importance of professional studies. At the end of the four-year university study and life, you will face the pressure of job search or further study, which requires you to have a solid professional foundation and professionalism to be able to calmly face various challenges.

Therefore, from the first year of university, you need to have a very clear understanding of your major. What does this major do; What kind of professional work you will be engaged in after graduation; What knowledge you need to learn and which professional skills you should cultivate about this major during the four years of university, which is especially true for industrial engineering. The major itself is a typical multi-disciplinary and compound major with many professional directions. For a freshman who is about to contact and study seriously to prepare for your own future, you should clarify the professional direction and extremely important cognition on your major. Only on the basis of familiarity with the major can you further choose the main direction of attack that suits our own characteristics, instead of mass-producing “products” on assembly lines with no personality like most current university education. The diversification and individualization of the current society determine that the individual needs of future jobs will become the new normal, and people without individuality will certainly not be competitive. Establishing such advanced thinking and enhancing the awareness of crisis are also changing the traditional university education model of passive learning into a brand new self-education method that is proactive, which will definitely have a profound impact on the future personal development of students.

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