The blogger on 青春路上, summersnow, worked for 4 years after graduating from university. I was ever a class teacher and graduated in engineering psychology. Now I am a university teacher. House, Kawaii, IT control, Japanese and Korean drama control, music control. This is my space. I had been recording my experience since 2007. Welcome to visit. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. My email is: [email protected].

青春路上博客博主summersnow(夏天雪)大学毕业后曾工作过4年,当过大学班主任,工程心理学专业毕业,现在为一名大学教师。宅、卡哇伊、IT控、日剧韩剧控、music控。这里是我的空间,随笔记录我从2007年以来的经历,欢迎访问。有任何问题可以随时与我联系,我的电子邮件是:[email protected]


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